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Beware of Fraudulent "Making Home Affordable" Offers. Owning a home can be expensive and, as one of your largest assets, it’s important to protect. As a homeowner, you may receive hundreds of offers a year to refinance or modify your home loan, promising a lower monthly payment. Unfortunately, not all offers are legitimate.

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Our days and our lives are filled with ups and downs. One day you may get a great bonus or raise and the next day you may find yourself having difficulty meeting your financial obligations. While not making payments on your various obligations such as your mortgage, credit cards, car payment, or utilities is a serious matter, there is always a solution that can work for you and the other party.

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We work hard to help borrowers stay in their homes and often receive loan modification requests from people who are not our mortgage customers. Unfortunately, we can't modify the home loan terms of a loan serviced by another company, but we created this overview of the loan modification process to help prepare you to contact your current lender.

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