Tax and Insurance Information

Property Tax Bills

If you currently have an escrow account with PennyMac (in which we collect certain recurring property-related expenses within your monthly payment, such as property taxes and homeowners insurance), and you receive a copy of your tax bill, it is not necessary for you to send that information to us. PennyMac will typically receive that information directly from the tax authority. Should we require that you send it to us, we will let you know.

If you have any other questions or concerns related to your escrow account, please contact us through the Secure Message Center.

Or, you may send correspondence to:

PennyMac Loan Services
PO BOX 514387
Los Angeles, CA 90051-4387
Fax: (866) 577-7205

Be sure to include your loan number and keep the original tax bill for your records.

Supplemental, Interim, or new construction Tax Bills

Please note a supplemental, interim or new construction tax bill is a one-time tax bill assessed by the tax collector. PennyMac does not collect a monthly amount to pay these bills as they are not issued directly to the mortgage servicer. These bills are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you would like for PennyMac to pay this bill, please either call our Customer Service Department or send your request via fax or mail to the correspondence address above. Please note, payment out of your escrow account for these bill types may result in an increase in your monthly mortgage payment.

Proof of Insurance and Mortgagee Clause

Homeowner's insurance, also known as hazard insurance, is property insurance that covers your home or residence. You must maintain homeowner's insurance at all times. You are required to provide proof of coverage.

A mortgagee clause in an insurance policy reflects the name and address of your mortgage lender or servicer, which would be a co-payee on any amounts paid by the insurer on a covered claim based on the lender’s interest in your property that secures its mortgage loans. PennyMac’s address for the mortgagee clause of your hazard policy is:

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Its Successors And/Or Assigns
P.O. Box 6618
Springfield, Ohio 45501-6618

If you've received a notice from PennyMac requesting verification of your homeowner's insurance policy, please click here and follow the prompts. Or, call (866) 318-0208 to speak with a representative.

Insurance Claims

For more information on insurance claims, to download claim packets, and to electronically submit completed documents, click here. Or, call (866) 314-0498 to speak with a representative.

Loss Settlement Checks

Settlement checks will be made payable to you and PennyMac. Call a Customer Service Representative at (866) 314-0498 when you receive an estimate of damages and/or a settlement check. We will provide information for negotiation of the check.