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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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Pleasant experience

"David Kelly answered every question I had about the process, potential savings and advantage of refinancing. I'm saving quite some money by refinancing at a lower interest. It was a pleasant experience and David made it so. Superb professional!"

My team was great

"The process from cradle to grave went very smoothly. It was way more than I expected. I was kept in the loop the entire time. My team was great!"

Excellent customer service

"Ariceli provided excellent customer service as did Carlton Blood. They made this process fast and efficient. Thank them so much."

Very dedicated

"Eric went over all options we had and answered all questions we had Spent at least an 1.5 with us on the first phone call. Very dedicated loan officer! We are very pleased we worked with him. Thank you Eric"

Superb service

"PennyMac is excellent to support those people like me that love to do my business on my own without a third person. Thanks so much to Laurie Baker for your superb service."

Great and easy to work with

"James was great and easy to work with. He followed up when he saw the potential for a delay to let me know what was happening. Really appreciate the work he put into the process."

Extremely informative

"PennyMac is extremely informative and helpful during the entire application and closing processes. The main item we like is they do not sell their paper - they service the loan form start to end of loan term."

Never felt pressured

"From the first time I called in with questions about doing a refinance on my home they answered all my questions and explained my options. Never felt pressured to do anything and was able to make an educated decision. Thanks for all the help"

Very pleased with my experience

"Jarett was fantastic. I am very pleased with my experience. Although I had some trouble receiving return emails and phone calls from the loan officer, Jarett always made it right. He really did make the process smooth from beginning to end."

Very easy to complete

"We had a great experience with our refinance. Great communication and very easy to complete everything we needed online. Thank you to the whole team who made it happen in less than 6 weeks. :)"

Easy to contact

"Carl was easy to talk to. He didn't talk over my head and explained terms I didn't understand. If I did have questions, it was easy to contact him via email or voicemail. If he didn't answer my phone calls, I left a voicemail and he always returned my calls promptly. "

Very smooth process

"Storm and Amonita were both very professional, efficient and friendly. They made the process very smooth. They were prompt replying to my e-mails when I had questions. It was a very smooth process."

Straight to the point

"I was updated often, every call was always great and friendly, and straight to the point! I'm very happy with Pennymac and Carl!"

Satisfied with everything

"I was satisfied with everything you done there was a few questions that I was confused on but that was my problem but everything else was just great so I appreciate what you've done for me thank you so much great doing business with you people thank you "

Fast and easy

"Fast easy. I love how PennyMac has my best interest in mind. They looked at my loan and saw they could lower my interest rate and contacted me. The process was fast and easy. Love doing business with PennyMac."


"Owen was awesome - quick response from him - he took the time with us needed to secure loan. Bonus - yes, we got the loan we really wanted. Thanks Owen & PennyMac!"

Absolutely perfect

"The experience was absolutely perfect, I would recommend Penny Mac to anyone I know, Gavin was completely knowledgeable and professional, more than happy with the entire experience. Thank you Gavin"

Very knowledgeable and polite

"Reyna was very knowledgeable and polite. Her quick responses were greatly appreciated. It was a true pleasure working with Reyna."

Nice and smooth

"From the beginning I received the help that I needed. They gave me the best option according to my financial situation and from there everything went nice and smooth. I thank all the people who help me to answer all of my questions and help me trough the process. Thank you PennyMac."

Breath of fresh air

"Crystal was a breath of fresh air! She checked on me weekly until it was time to close my refi loan. Her friendliness and personable demeanor made her calls both enjoyable and appreciated. Kudos to Crystal! Give her a raise!"

A good experience

"I would like to thank everyone from PennyMac involved in my re-fi for the very professional way they represented themselves from beginning to end. They were friendly and answered all of my questions and concerns promptly. It was indeed a good experience. Thanks again."

The best

"They jumped right in and got me pre-qualified right away. Carl Wren was the best! They kept me in the loop and answered questions right away."

Smooth and easy process

"The entire process from begin to end was great! Everything was communicated clear and all my questions were answered. No one enjoys closing and refinancing but this was a smooth and easy process. Thank you again for everything! Joaquin was great."

Real pros

"lots of help to clarify and make the complex problem easy to grasp.I was left with a confidence that the team had things well under control.real pros to respond back quickly when I has questions."

Proactive communication

"Working with PennyMac team was a pleasure, with clear and proactive communication stress of buying house was reduced to minimum."

Great experience and customer service

"Michael and his team did a great job, from the initial conversation to the close of the loan. I was informed of each step in the process and updated with care. Great experience and customer service."

Fasst and error free

"The process was fast and error free. I am extremely happy with the final results!! Lower rate and all completed within a few weeks."

Fantastic to work with

"It was fantastic to work with Andrew on my loan. He was proactive, thorough and knowledgeable in helping my requests and questions. I had a great experience working with him on the Refinance. Thank you! Connie"

Excellent service

"Excellent service! Anytime we called, our questions were answered in a timely manner. Everything went as described and closed right about the time expected."

Clear and concise

"Despite the time zone difference and my work schedule, communication was effortless and Thomas was very clear and concise in his communications with me. Given the poor customer service that is becoming common place in our society, he performed above and beyond expectations. Thank you Thomas!"

Very responsive

"Nick was very responsive, if he didn't know the answer to one of our questions he got back to us quickly. He was friendly, courteous, and was willing to help us with questions on things that didn't pertain directly to the refi."

Very professional

"Jerry was very professional and had somewhat of a delightful character that made even the tough conversations go over well. I will continue to recommend Jerry to my family and friends. Thanks for assisting me in refinancing my home."


"Nathan was outstanding! He explained everything in such great detail & made me feel like I was dealing with someone who had my best interests at heart. Thank you, Nathan, for your help!!!"

Better than expected

"PenneyMac handled my refinance better than expected. They made my loan process quick and easy. I would definitely recommend PennyMac to other potential customers."

Awesome customer service

"Awesome customer service by Billy Manapat. Clearly explains computations and details of the refinance loan. Exceeded our expectations."

Very helpful

"I liked Eddie from the very beginning. He was very helpful. We even talked a little about our personal lives, which was great! Very nice person."

Truly impressed!

"1st - I was impressed that PennyMac reached out to ME to discuss refi options!! All PennyMac associates were knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I was kept informed through the entire process. GREAT experience! Truly impressed!"

Straight shooter

"Matthew was a straight shooter. Thanks for your assistance in helping me sort through the brain boggling financial side of things"


"Mohammed was great, he always communicated throughout the loan process. He walked me through all my questions and returned my calls quickly."

Prompt and very pleasant

"Very easy to work with, prompt and very pleasant to work with when questions were asked. I was doing a refi and will continue to have penny Mac handle my mortgage needs."

Process was very easy

"Process was very easy. Pennymac staff always called and updated me and gave me answers whenever I had a question. Very quick and painless. Hope I keep pennymac for my home loan for a long time."

Experience was great

"The online process was very easy. Jay and the Mac Team kept me up to date during the whole process. Small problem was found on closing doc, but was easily corrected. Over all experience was great. Thank you"

Clear and frequent communication

"Every person in the process was professional and helpful. There was clear and frequent communication throughout the process from the first person to the last. i highly recommend PennyMac."

No complaints whatsoever

"The whole process was made simple and efficient by my loan officer and the system of loading documents were simple to use. I have no complaints whatsoever, and look forward to working with this team again in the future."

Very stress free

"I dealt with both Emma Hamlin and Michael Amari and they were both knowledgeable and professional. The entire process was really very stress free. They kept me up to date every step of the way. Very honest as well. There were no surprises."

Nice and friendly

"Everyone was so nice and friendly. Very helpful and informative. Responded quickly to phone calls and/or emails. I am so happy that I had Alex Khosravi and Vanessa Carter on my team. They are awesome!"

We love PennyMac!

"From the very beginning of the loan process with Clyde to the actual loan being processed with Stephen our entire experience has been amazing! We can not thank everyone enough that was involved in this whole process for their amazing service and expertise. This is why we love PennyMac! "

Very helpful

"Adriana was very helpful and always responded to all of my questions immediately, even if she was not the person to answer them."

Process got done quicker than expected

"Process got done quicker than expected which was great. Only minor thing was that I had to call to see what documents were needed to expedite the process. Other than that everything went pretty smooth."

We closed as soon as possible

"Everything went smoothly. We didn't close on time because of repairs needed, but once that was taken care of, Stephanie made sure that we closed as soon as possible."