PennyMac Reviews

There's nothing you can do better

There's nothing you can do better.  Everyone was so wonderful during what was supposed to be a stressful loan refinance.  We fought with your competitor for over five years to refinance but to no avail.  PennyMac was able to get the process started within 24 hours of obtaining our loan from the competitor.

— Joyce Z.
September 09, 2015

I have nothing but good things to say PennyMac

I've only gone through the process for this type and size of loan twice.  Of the two processes, my experience with PennyMac was by far superior in every way.  My wife, Catherine, initiated things and she was well satisfied with Billy Manapat, the person assisting her at the beginning.  After that initial contact, I handled most of the correspondence and phone calls.  I didn't really think we needed a refinance, but Catherine did, so I went along with it.  Since then, I've actually been meaning to write a letter to PennyMac detailing my happiness with your company in general and Chris Brooks specifically.     As a customer, it's necessary to be cautious, so I didn't take any of Chris' comments at face value.  I always checked into them during the course of the loan process.  In every case, I found the information he gave me to be accurate, sometimes even explaining things that I had not understood about our previous mortgage or mortgages in general.  Chris always responded quickly, sometimes within minutes of my calls or emails.  In every case, he was calm, friendly, and efficient.  A couple of times, he needed to find answers.  At no time was he ruffled by such a question, but merely said he'd look into the question and, having found the answer, called or emailed me quickly with the information.    I would gladly suggest ways to improve your operation if I could think of any.  I have nothing but good things to say PennyMac and I will gladly express that opinion to anyone.  Great job!

— Daniel M.
September 03, 2015

I would highly recommend my relatives and friends

I was impressed by the whole process from initiation to completion.  The representative answered all my questions and guided me through the whole process.  It was so easy and stress free.  I would highly   recommend my relatives and friends to PennyMac for their mortgage and refinancing needs.

— Maritza O.
September 02, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable upfront. I truly enjoyed working with Albert, he kept me informed and was personable. The loan went fast, but, still, when I got antsy about how long the appraisal was taking, he responded quickly to my email with a reassuring phone call and updated me promptly.

— Chadona W.
September 02, 2015

I wish all my business transactions could be with someone as great

I had the pleasure to work with two individuals. Terrell Jean took my initial application and was extremely pleasant and personable.  He never hesitated when I had questions.    Ms. Cherisse Andry followed through with processing my loan.  She is THE BEST customer service agent that I have EVER dealt with.  The majority of the loan process occurred via email and she was in constant contact with me.  I never sat wondering what was going on with my loan.  She was ALWAYS pleasant and just a phone call away whenever I needed to speak with her.  PennyMac should know that they definitely have a WINNER when it comes to Ms. Andry.  I wish all my business transactions could be with someone as great as she is!  Thank you to Cherisse for making me feel comfortable and confident during this whole process.

— Kenneth L.
September 01, 2015