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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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Utmost professionalism

"Mr Giovanni is of utmost professionalism and was very easy to work with. He's quite patient becasue I'm going through s*** right now and was a real live one sometimes and he was nice. Give that man a raise!"

Super fast and efficient

"The process was super fast and efficient. I was surprised how quick things went and it was easy to do. I personally would recommend anyone looking to refinance to do that with PennyMac."

Rates were superior

"I started out working with another company but Penny Mac customer service and rates were superior to everything else I found on the market. This is my 2nd loan with them and I couldn't be happier"

Little amount of docs requested

"Very little amount of docs requested...far better than freedom mortgage experiance which was horrible. Costs were exactly what they told me and I actually got money at closing vice having to pay out of pocket as freedom mortgage wanted me to, for the same rate."

It was in fact a great experience

"It was a great experience. I had little to worry about. Everything was explained in great detail. All appointments were in a timely manner. I didn't have to wonder what to do next. It was in fact a great experience. Thank You for everything."

It was an easy process

"Matthew Hinckley and the whole team did a great job keeping us informed throughout the whole process and making it go as smooth as possible. They were quick to respond with any questions we had. It was an easy process."

Everything went perfectly

"Joseph DeMasi and his team were outstanding to work with! Everything went perfectly from start to finish. The few things we didn’t fully understand were exposing clearly and with great patience. Thank you"

Closed faster than the estimated time frame

"Everything went according to plan and closed faster than the estimated time frame. The only concern I have, is that i went online to my account and I don't see my new loan yet. Hopefully, it will be there to make my first payment"

Best refinance experience

"Shannon is very knowledgeable and was great to work with. Wonderful personality and eager to please his customer. Best refinance experience to date!"

Very pleased with PennyMac

"I requested this loan through PennyMac. This is my 3rd mortgage with PennyMac and I'm very pleased with PennyMac and how they service their loans. Thank you!"

Very impressed

"Araceli was great. She went above and beyond to make sure we got the best rate possible and everything was very easy. Very impressed."

The closing went very well

"This was such a seamless process. The email communication was very supportive. The closing went very well. This process was without worries from beginning to closing. Thanks Mr Mann for your expert team!"

Gave me a lot more confidence

"Mark did a fatnastic job at the beginning explaning to me the loan details and how the process would work. He gave me a lot more confidence then my mortguage broker so that's why I dropeed my broker and went with Mark and PennyMac for our refi. Thanks Mark!"

A great experience

"It was great to get everything done by using our technology. Great phone calls. Different when you only put a face to the notary. But overall a great experience by using only phones and internet."

Very kind and thorough

"Chantel was fantastic, she is a joy to work with and was very kind and thorough. Peter was helpful to get things moving. thank you,"

Made the refinance process so easy

"Angel and her staff made the refinance process so easy. We truly are grateful for the help and the advise that was given to us. We really are happy with the attention that we received during the process."

Made me feel very comfortable

"While dealing with Mr. Clyde Anderson he made me feel very comfortable while explaining everything to me. He was very knowledgeable and made the entire process less stressful for me."

I already referred a friend

"huge shout out to austin and steven garcia. both went above and beyond to make this process easy. give them a christmas bonus. i already referred a friend to steven"

Explained everything well

"James was thorough and explained everything well and how he expected the process would go. It went as he had described. Carlton Blood handled the back end and we were not disappointed."

Clearly going over everything

"I spent more time with Ross then most wouldn’t he took the time with me clearly going over everything I asked he is a great access to your company. I couldn’t have had a better experience with most people he made it personal and I made a friend"

Very professional

"Christina was very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Very professional, easy to understand. Worked with my schedule, very eager to help. She was FANTASTIC!!!"

Questions were handled quickly

"The refi was was related to us in a positive manner that we had not expected. All our questions were handled quickly and expertly."

He explained the entire re-fi process

"Haroutun Arzrounian was excellent to work with. He explained the entire re-fi process and he was in contact with us as we progressed to closing of the loan. His entire team was also very helpful. We have re-financed many times in the past and this loan by far is the smoothest one! Thank you!"

Easy to understand

"My loan process was clear and easy most of my documents were e-signature and easy to understand. Andrew M. was always genuinely helpful. Thank you"

By far the fastest

"I've probably been through the process of buying or refinancing property upwards of 50 times during my lifetime, and this time was by far the fastest, the easiest, and the most lucrative of all."

I was impressed

"The closing process was sooner than expected, that was great considering we are in the holiday season. Matthew was excellent at explaining the process, answering questions and following-up. I was impressed. Thank you!"

A lot smoother than I expected

"The whole process from beginning to end went smoothly. I'm sure being a current Penny Mac mortgage helped the process along but it was a lot smoother than I expected."

Less than three weeks

"Two small hiccups in the e-mail communications. These were minor and did not interfere in the the closing time at all. Penny Mac was on top of everything from start to finish. Less than three weeks."

Worked diligently to assist me

"Overall great experience. We were able to come to terms of the loan and close in a good time frame. The agents were extremely professional and worked diligently to assist me in getting my questioned answered and working through the process."

Went over and beyond

"Everything with Penny Mac and their personnel has always been great, I wouldn't want anyone else servicing my loan, Mr.Leatherman went over and beyond to get me what I wanted"

Very easy process

"An agent from the My PennyMac Team would provide updates every 3 to 5 business days, which I thought was great. They kept you informed of the progress of your loan. Thank you for making this a very easy process."

The service was top notch

"The service was top notch. I had all my questions answered in a timely fashion and they were able to secure a wonderful notoriety."

Thank you Team PennyMac

"Everyone I worked with was professional, nice, helpful, answered all my questions, The whole process went smoothly. Thank you Team PennyMac."

Smooth and painless

"I'm very pleased with the terms of my VA refi that PennyMac offered. Bryan Devore made the whole process as smooth and painless as possible."

Really smooth and quick

"The ease of the entire refinancing process was superb. Everything went really smooth and quick. Our representative was very helpful in getting us a good rate and making a timely decision."

Pleasant to converse with

"Jamie and Peter were very responsive and communicated promptly. There were also very professional and pleasant to converse with. Would work with PennyMac again. Thank you!"

Outstanding professional assistance

"Outstanding professional assistance with knowledge and experience, when I asked a question the answer was to the point, and also was repeated to ensure that it was understood."

I’m very happy with Pennymac

"Very timely and simple refinance of my home. A personal contact was provided for my convenience. All initial documents were handled by electronic signature. Closing was done at my home. My best experience ever with a mortgage closing. I’m very happy with Pennymac."

Great experience overall

"Great experience overall, given a process that could be long, drawn-out, and frustrating. Use of the Mobile Notary was also very, VERY convenient."

Got the best rate possible

"Scott was great to deal with and made sure we got the best rate possible by keeping the communication open with me and making sure I do not leave penny mac and go with another lender"

Go beyond to help

"Every one I spoke with was friendly and willing to go beyond to help g e.g. t the job done. They keep me very informed during the process."

Extremely Knowledgeable

"This was my first time doing a refinance so i had a lot of questions Shante took the time too explain every thing to me she was very nice and extremely Knowledgeable i still cant believe how easy it really was in the end"

Accurate and precise answers

"From the moment I called with a few questions to the last stroke of the pen in closing our loan, every person I talk to was so kind and helpful. The whole process was fast and easy!"

Willing to answer any question

"Clear information and staff always Willing to answer any question, constant communications to give you the confidence to proceed with this important process. definitely I will think about Penny Mac as my first option when talking about mortgages. thank you Penny Mac"

Very supportive and knowledgeable

"James Bruce and the PennyMac family were very supportive and knowledgeable. They closed on the loan quickly and without any problems. They were there to answer any questions that I may have had and made the closing convenient with my holiday schedule."

Re-finance process was smooth

"Re-finance process was smooth for the most part. Had a hiccup but it was quickly resolved to meet our needs. Abdul was professional and explained everything in detail no matter many times I called to ask about certain things."

My closing guy was great

"I have to say the people where wonderful as always, My closing guy was great, and have to say even when I did not understand things my people took there time with me thanks too you all, for another wonderful experence"

Made it stress free

"Made it stress free and he never put made us fill like that we were not it control as most people have back in this kind of situation."

Great team

"Abdul did the best and was quick anytime I needed a response. We had a couple hick ups at closing but overall great deal and great team. Will refer others to Abdul and penny mac."

Easy and worry free

"Between working with Stephen and the mac team they made the process of refinancing my home one of the easiest things to do. They showed me how people that cares make a process like this easy and worry free, I am glad to have had the experience of working with the PennyMac team."