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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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This guy knows the business

"Aaron Baca was amazing. He went above and beyond! Answered all my questions accurately, articulately, and so that I could understand the 'ins and outs'. Aaron is the sole reason I refinanced with Penny Mac. Without his expertise I would have gone with a local company. This guy knows the business."

The process went very well

"Jonathon was very helpful and always got back to us. We are on separate coast, and with the timing, he always got back to us as soon as possible, even on weekends. The process went very well."

Professional, knowledgeable, and down to earth

"Our loan officer was the BEST! She was very professional, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Anytime I had questions, she contacted me back promptly. We felt at ease and in good hands. We felt that she was our loan officer and processor at the same time. Thank you so much Tara – we could have not done this without your patience and encouragement. I would certainly call her again for my next refinance. To PennyMac – we were glad you have someone like Tara Weston that can help/assists customers like us."

Process was painless

"The entire process was very painless and took very little time to complete. The Loan Officer Evan Tuchman was the absolute best person I have ever worked with regarding getting a loan!"

One of the easiest loans we have ever gone through

"One of the easiest loans we have ever gone through. The document portal was so easy to use. All the people I worked with were fabulous and helped us through the process. We are very pleased with everyone we came in contact with. Thank you."

Easiest refinance that I have ever been through

"This was the easiest refinance that I have been through. Everyone involved have been very professional and courteous as could be. Thanks to all involved."

Honest and forward

"Richard Candelaria was one of the best and courteous professional I have dealt with. He was honest and forward about each item I had to address throughout the process."

Above and beyond friendly and helpful

"The loan officer and the loan processor I spoke with were above and beyond friendly and helpful. They were always available by phone and email, and they truly made this process really simple. I can't thank them enough!"

The customer service was beyond my expectations

"From the first phone call to my last was so easy and the customer service was beyond my expectations. I will refi with PennyMac again."

Thank you for making the process so easy

"Markus Pinon and Winston Khan were both very helpful and professional. Both returned our calls promptly. Thank you for making the process so easy."

Professional service from top to bottom

"Bravo, folks! I was able to reduce my monthly payments, and the three people who worked for PennyMac made absolutely sure that all the t's were crossed and i's dotted before they brought anything to me to sign. Professional service, top to bottom. I applaud you."

Kind, professional, respectful and empathetic

"Loan officer Jonathan Ryan was awesome. From the very first phone call when I was doubtful I would even get a loan, he was positive and took the time to walk me through the process. He was kind, professional, respectful and empathic. He worked with my agent and me consistently, and was extremely prompt returning our calls, even after his business hours. I am very grateful to PennyMac and Jonathan; this it is a life changing event, and I am so happy with my home!"

I appreciated the time and patience from PennyMac

"I am a senior citizen and, consequently, a bit slow in processing information. I appreciated the time, patience, and concern that each PennyMac representative extended to me. The status of the refinancing process was shared with me at each interval."

Highly professional

"The process of refinancing my VA home loan went very smoothly and took less than 30 days to complete. Everyone that I dealt with were highly professional."

Very personable interaction

"I had a very personable interaction and I appreciate the patience and willingness to talk on my schedule."

The process was fast and painless

"The process was fast and painless. I am now saving 5 years off my mortgage. So impressed with how they handled my loan so fast."

All parties were responsive and responsible for their tasks

"John Fayad really handled me with patience and answered every question I had. He ensured that all parties were also responsive and responsible for their tasks, myself included. I appreciated his professionalism throughout the process. If not for his expertise, this opportunity would not exist."

I would like to stay with this company for the duration of my loan

"The team was extremely knowledgeable and wanted to expedite the process. I couldn't have been happier and I would like to stay with this company for the duration of my loan. I have had terrible experiences with other companies, but I could have been more satisfied with the quality of service. Thank you for helping me with reducing my monthly payment and interest rate."

Responsive, courteous, and a pleasure to work with

"Elodia Vargas and Nelly Hartunian were fantastic. This was a great experience and I think they were phenomenal. They were always responsive, courteous, and were just a pleasure to work with."

The loan process was almost too easy

"The loan process was almost too easy. Dreading all the paperwork was what kept me from applying for loans in the past. This loan hardly took up any of my time and the process and steps were easily followed. Instructions were clear and precise. Thank you."

Purchasing a home was a seamless process

"The team at PennyMac guided me through step by step. Purchasing a home with PennyMac was a seamless process. Allen Brunner and Sandra Benavidez were top notch, professional yet personable and a pleasure to work with."

My second FHA Streamline with PennyMac

"I was in the mortgage industry since 1985, in every capacity. The service that PennyMac provided could not have been better. It went quickly and painlessly with very little action on my part. This is my 2nd FHA Streamline with PennyMac and they both went great!"

Keep up the good work!

"The team at PennyMac guided me through step by step. Purchasing a home with PennyMac was a seamless process. Allen Brunner and Sandra Benavidez were top notch, professional yet personable and a pleasure to work with."

My loan would not be sold again

"I compliment PennyMac not only for being a great mortgage lender after my loan was sold to them, but because they refinanced my loan with better terms and stated my loan would not be sold again. Thanks!"

Kenton Barker was very patient through the process

"My loan officer, Kenton Barker, was wonderful. He answered all of my questions and was very patient with me through this process. I was already a customer of PennyMac and was refinancing my home. I was very nervous about handling everything by phone and email but my nervousness soon went away because he made it so simple. Good employees like Mr. Barker are hard to find these days."

I'm very impressed and grateful

"Loan Officer Jarrett Delbene and Loan Processor John Recker were extremely professionals and keep me inform all the way thru the process. I'm very impressed and grateful for their hard work."

I would definitely recommend PennyMac

"That was the easiest refinancing I have ever done! The PennyMac employees were polite and very courteous. They took very good care of us and did not put us under stress with documents. I would definitely recommend PennyMac to all of my friends who are looking to refinance or get into a home loan."

Great experience!

"I'm very impressed with the quality and professionalism of both the gentlemen that were involved processing my loan. This was a great experience!"

From loan process to beautiful home

"Kirk, Sandra and the team took great care to move us to the end of the loan process and into our beautiful home!"

All parties involved were phenomenal

"All parties involved in securing and processing my loan were phenomenal. They made closing on time a reality and were on top of every aspect."

Quick and painless process

"The whole process was quick and painless. I'm glad PennyMac contacted me to refinance because I probably would not have called on my own. And I ended up saving money by refinancing."

The PennyMac employees were more than patient with us

"The PennyMac employees were more than patient with us. As senior citizens, it is very important to have things explained more than once. We changed our options and the application had to be redone for a lower interest rate and they both handled it with very prompt and professional service."

From start to finish everything was handled very well

"From start to finish everything was handled very well. I expected things to be stressfully, but the whole process was not. Well done PennyMac!"

My wife and I were very touched

"This was the absolutely best refinance experience ever. Lee Turner answered all of my questions and was very responsive; it was a pleasure working with him. My wife and I were very touched to receive a hand written note from Lee thanking us for our business."

Everyone was very pleasant

"All the staff members who assisted me were very pleasant and always provided me with a prompt response for any questions asked. I truly appreciate it. Thank you."

Prepared for the entire process

"Mohammed Ahmed was professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my questions. He prepared me for the entire process, and I greatly appreciated that."

I will recommend PennyMac to my family and friends

"From the moment I contacted PennyMac regarding refinancing my mortgage, the PennyMac Staff and independent providers that worked with PennyMac all provided stellar professionalism and customer service. Thank you for making my refinance experience effortless. Without any hesitation, I will recommend PennyMac to my family and friends."

Going the extra mile

"Shawn Boykin was an outstanding loan officer and facilitated the closing process to ensure it happened on the day scheduled. He was always very knowledge and helpful, truly going the extra mile. His efforts were greatly appreciated."

Each step was simple and straight forward

"Everyone that I was involved with for my loan was without a doubt the best I have ever worked with on any type loan. From start to finish, each step was simple and straight forward. Any questions I had were answered promptly and professionally. It was a great experience."

I hope to do business again

"To all PennyMac employees who I worked with, thanks to all of you. You were well coordinated, professional and truly impressive with your expertise. Thanks for the refinance opportunity and I hope to do business again."

Highly dependable and very knowledgeable

"Very helpful, highly dependable and very knowledgeable."

Evan Tuchman was amazing to work with

"Evan Tuchman was amazing to work with. He was very professional and explained everything to me completely. He was the reason I stayed with PennyMac to do my refi."

They were truly awesome

"Both Ellie and Laura were great to work with. They were pleasant to deal with and helped me get my house closed when needed. I didn't think it would all come together in time, but they said it would, and it did. They were truly awesome. I am a General Manager of a 60 million dollar distribution company in 4 states and I would hire both of them for my office staff. They were awesome!"

The follow up and follow through was the best I have ever had

"The process was handled extremely well and I thank you for the professionalism of the staff involved. The follow up and follow through was the best I have ever had in a mortgage process. Christopher Brooks did as excellent job!"

So pleased with the entire process

"So pleased with the entire process! We had to leave the state for a funeral when it was time for closing and they sent someone to us! Impressive!"

Seamless and stress free process

"Laura Ker was wonderful to work with. She kept me updated and informed every step of the way. She made this process seamless and stress free."

Pain free experience

"The people I worked with were wonderful. All of my questions and concerns were handled fast and to my liking. They made the experience a pain free one. I will tell everyone I know about Penny Mac. You guys are amazing. Thanks so much."

I have already passed along PennyMac's contact information

"Gabriel was wonderful to deal with. He was extremely courteous and he took the time to answer every question I had thoughtfully and completely. He never made me feel pressured and was able to work at a pace that made me very comfortable. I have already passed PennyMac's contact info along to friends who are in the market for a new loan."

Everyone was professional and helpful

"I braced myself for an extremely stressful experience refinancing and had actually been putting it off for that reason. But I finally did and was pleasantly surprised at how painless the whole experience was this time. Everyone was professional and helpful and it really didn't take a lot of time and effort on my part."

We didn't look at other companies to refinance with

"Cal was amazing! He made the process very easy and communicated well the whole time. We've appreciated how easy PennyMac is to work with so much so that we didn't look at any other company to refinance with."