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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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I felt very comfortable

"I felt very comfortable knowing PennyMac Loan services would get me through the process and they did so in an efficient, professional and friendly manner. Thank You PennyMac Loan Services."

We refinanced through PennyMac because we have enjoyed working with them on our first mortgage.

"Jesse Ramon and all that I dealt with were fantastic! Jesse was friendly and professional. We had some hiccups along the way, but Jesse worked through it with us and got us to the finish line. I give my highest recommendation to any who are looking for the perfect partner for the process. We refinanced through PennyMac because we have enjoyed working with them on our first mortgage. Thank you for being a great partner."

Was easy to understand

"Documents were clear and concise. Was easy to understand what was needed and how to submit the information. Both Dominic and Anna provided expert service and moved us through the whole application to closing process perfectly."

Very pleasant and informative

"The PennyMac staff was very pleasant and informative throughout the process. I had plenty of questions and concerns and I was comfortably navigated through the whole process. Special thanks to Jefferies Johnson as well as Clinton Martin. Jefferies Johnson was a hell of a advocate selling me on this loan. Thanks again! Worked out wonderfully."

Very courteous and knowledgeable

"Joseph DeMasi (Home Loan Specialist) & Linda Harris did a wonderful job on our home loan refinancing. We were guided properly, every questions were answered clearly and they were very courteous and knowledgeable. Would recommended this guys definitely. GOOD JOB PennyMac!!!"

My refinance team was there every step of the way

"I had so many issues with my prior mortgage company and my refinance team was there every step of the way. I truly appreciate the patience, friendliness and professionalism. Thank you so much."

Its like you know us

"What made it great for us is the fact that you made us feel comfortable and it's like you know us, so it's simply made everything very easy.... Thank you Ruben and the rest of your staff thanks again??"

I have already recommended PennyMac to a close friend

"Elvin and Darius were very professional and communication between all parties involved in this 1031 transaction were very efficient. I have already recommended PennyMac to a close friend who is looking to refi. Thanks PennyMac team!"

Beginning to end the loan team was very helpful

"From beginning to end the loan team was very helpful. Richard was easy to reach and kept me informed the entire time. It was a very easy process."

Very good service

"Very good service and on top of everything I would receive calls every 3-6 days with updates and if any question I was called next day with a response."

Very best home buying process I've had

"The entire process was very smooth. It was the very best home buying process I've had. Communication was spot on. Absolutely nothing slipped by. There were no mistakes or hold ups. I felt like Nick Batten was working very hard to make everything perfect! Thanks"

This is the second time I've used PennyMac

"Sandra did a fantastic job during the entire process. She called me in a timely fashion every time we spoke. Professional and overall it was a great experience all around. This is the second time I've used PennyMac for that reason."

Even impressed my realtor and insurance person

"Jason went way above to make sure my loan and house purchase went very smooth and on time. He is very well knowledgeable on the mortgage criteria. He made the process so easy. If I ever do another mortgage with PennyMac, I would only want to deal with him again. His dependability and professional attitude towards his job, doing whatever he could to make this experience a great one even impressed my realtor and insurance person. Thanks for all your help, Jason!!"

2nd time dealing with PennyMac

"Staff very pleasant eager to help no games delivered very impressive. 2nd time dealing with PennyMac would have no problem doing it again great team work."

Our loan officer and processors were fantastic

"Although we changed how we choose to refinance, our loan officer was fantastic and the processors that I dealt with were absolutely fantastic! I especially loved the humor they shared during the process."

Easiest closing process I have ever experienced

"This was the easiest closing process I have ever experienced. We are very appreciative for Crickett Y. and how she kept us up to date on everything."

Smooth without any problem or delay

"The whole loan process went smoothly without any problem or delay. The process went as scheduled, days, dates & time was honored. Everyone was great. Very good job."

Outstanding service. Highly recommend.

"Our total experience from beginning to end was just amazing. It had to be the best service we have ever received from a lending institution. Everyone we had contact with was friendly and very professional. And the entire transaction took place in a very short period of time. Outstanding service. Highly recommend."

Excellent and breezy process

"I'd just like to thank Rory S. for the excellent work he put in during this whole process. Even after our application was being processed by someone else, I was still able to contact him to ask any questions and he always had answers and addressed any issues or concerns I had. I would also like to thank Avonn H. for an excellent and breezy process."

A great experience!

"Our loan officer, Linda, was extremely responsive and knowledgeable, and our loan was processed quickly and accurately. A great experience!"

Your loan offers through Costco are excellent.

"I was so impressed with Aaron D. and Azad M. I bought a home in a different state and had to move by a certain date. I had less than 30 days to get my new home closed. Azad was so helpful. She got my loan approved in 15 days. Aaron was also great to work with. Your loan offers through Costco are excellent. Thank you."

They were a true pleasure to have as my refinance team.

"I could not have had a better experience with the two individuals that helped me through the refinance processes. They were courteous, knowledgeable, very aware of my time shortage I had to speak with them. But they managed to keep me informed and they were a true pleasure to have as my refinance team."

An enjoyable experience

"I appreciate Jason’s patience and support throughout the process. He thoroughly explained everything and was extremely personable. He made this an enjoyable experience."

If we had to do it again, we would use Pennymac.

"Everyone we dealt with was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Questions were answered promptly. If we had to do it again, we would use Pennymac."

Very helpful!

"Nichole L. was fantastic to work with. Always answered the phone, very quick responses to emails, and very helpful!"

Patient, understanding, courteous, and helpful

"Viet H. was fantastic to work with throughout the process of obtaining the loan. I had a lot of trouble with the appraisal and he hung in there, was supportive, and helped me ultimately resolve it with the appraiser. He was patient, understanding, courteous, and helpful. He made the process easy and it was always about what I wanted as the customer."

Excellent customer service, professionalism, and an understanding of my needs

"My loan processor, Shaun B. did an excellent job with customer service, professionalism and understanding concerns/needs I had. He always took the time to answer my questions and had patience with my understanding of the process. He fought for me to get approved and has changed my life. I am forever grateful. Thank you Shaun."

The process was a breeze

"Laura K. was my loan processor and I can't give her enough praise. She was just fantastic. She was in regular and clear communication with me and made this process a breeze. My loan officer was great too! Thank you to them for an awesome mortgage refi experience."

Thanks for your help!

"I'd like to commend both Shaun and Chandra for their assistance, heart, and patience in helping me to finalize my refinance loan."

I was confident in PennyMac!

"I have worked with multiple loan officers in the past and Madison was the most responsive and provided the best customer service and expertise. Thanks to her, I was confident in Penny Mac and the service provided."

Closed on time with a great rate

"Fantastic experience, closed on time with a great rate. I highly recommend PennyMac to anyone seeking a mortgage."

Selling one home and buying another

"Allen B. and Stephen C. made obtaining a mortgage for our new home VERY easy. The “selling one home & buying another” process was very frustrating at times. However, the guys at PennyMac did not factor into that frustration at all... they couldn’t have been easier or better to work with!"

We recommend PennyMac

"Everyone involved was very helpful and knowledgeable. This helped make the refinance process very smooth and everything was completed very quickly. We are very happy and would recommend PennyMac to everyone we know."

Beyond courteous, professional, and knowledgeable

"My loan officer, closing specialist, and even the Notary Public involved in our refinance were phenomenal. Beyond courteous, professional, and knowledgeable."

They worked around my schedule

"This is the first company/bank that I have ever used that was always in prompt communication and worked around my schedule. There is not one bad thing that I could say about anyone I worked with on this loan process. Number 1 company."

Felt like a team

"Another PennyMac loan went well. David and Crickett were both responsive and helpful from start to finish. I think the best part was that they were very real with me, and didn't just treat me like an email or task. Felt like a team even though I never met them in person. Good company."

Thank you for patience and hard work

"My loan officer and processor were not only knowledgeable but extremely professional individuals and a pleasant to speak with each and every time. Thank you for patience and hard work during both my home loans!"

When they buy a loan, they don’t sell it

"I am so happy they were able to lower our interest and also our monthly payments. I was also told that when they buy a loan they don't sell it, so I am happy about that. We have had our loan sold so many times. I am happy to be with PennyMac."

Impressed with the turnaround time

"I was so impressed with the turnaround time and how smoothly everything went. Big shout out to all of you at PennyMac. Keep up the good work."

We’d turn to PennyMac again

"Everyone who helped my wife and I through this process was amazing to work with. We were very satisfied and while we hope to not need this service again in the near future, if we did we'd turn to PennyMac again."

Keep up the great work!

"I wanted to say thank you again to Carl and Lana for helping me with my refinance. Both were great and very attentive to my needs and to answer all my questions. I was very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Keep up the great work guys!"

Professional and helpful

"Both gentlemen with whom I spoke were very professional and helpful. I had questions that may have had obvious answers, but I was treated with total respect and all my questions were answered fully and patiently. THANK YOU SO MUCH."

It was like talking to a friend

"Benedick M. was very helpful and always listened to concerns and answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I felt very comfortable dealing with Ben. It was like talking to a friend."

Communication was great

"Communication and flexibility of the loan officer and processor was great. They made the process painless."

I expected the best and Pennymac delivered

"My loan was already with Pennymac so I expected the best and Pennymac delivered."

I can’t imagine working with another company

"Lynda M. was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Any questions I had, she answered promptly and professionally. I hold you all in high regards and I can't imagine working with any other company that will meet my expectations in such a timely manner. Thank you."

I was able to skip August payment

"I needed my loan refinance completed ASAP. The loan processor made that happen and was able to get it done so fast that I was able to skip August payment which helped me out tremendously."

The perfection of PennyMac

"My admiration for the accurate, timely, very professional and at the same time very pleasant and friendly attitude and service provided by Tommy P. and Shadi R. I have some previous experience with other loan companies and banks, but none comes even close to the perfection of PennyMac. Thank you."

I felt like a member of the family

"I worked with Darius J. and Ayke. They were exceptional representatives of PennyMac and I felt like a valuable customer from the start of my loan application process. I did not have any issues with either individual and they really added a humanistic touch to the process. Making me feel like a member of the family rather than a client. They truly catered to my needs and provided advice where needed. I am thankful for their assistance throughout this process."

We saved A LOT of money

"Billy M. was most excellent to work with. He analyzed our situation and offered us multiple re-finance options. Over the life of the loan (which is now MUCH shorter) he saved us a LOT of money. Even when the loan process was moved to the actual loan processor, he still followed up on emails."