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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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No hassles, timely customer service replies, and outstanding customer service

"Jay Bisla was outstanding and patient in explaining my options and working up my estimate. He was super prompt at answering all of my follow up questions. Trina Hawkins was also very prompt to answer my question regarding funds due at closing vs. funds due to borrower. The mistake was swiftly communicated and corrected. I have used three other home loan companies in the past and PennyMac was by far the easiest and best to work with. No hassles, timely customer service replies, and outstanding customer service. This is how the loan process should be! I could not be happier with the level of customer service I received from your highly knowledgeable and motivated team! Please pass along our thanks to the great employees that worked on our loan. They exceeded my expectations and were true ambassadors of what customer service should be!"

The most painless financing process I have ever worked through

"This was the most painless financing process I have ever worked through. Your employees were able to answer questions quickly and accurately. Honestly, I actually checked into the validity of the account executive because it seemed too easy and too good to be true. Everything went very smoothly. And the fact that our final paperwork could be completed in our home after business hours so that we didn't have to take work time off was amazing."

I was very impressed

"I dealt with another company before PennyMac to try and refi my house and that experience was very unsatisfying. I was hesitant about trying to refi my house again. Then, I spoke with my current lender, PennyMac, and they convinced me that they were the ones I should use. The experience was very easy and to my satisfaction and I was very impressed with how helpful the account executives are. I would recommend PennyMac to others."

I felt as if I had a friend in my corner looking out for me

"David Spalding and Eddie Pizarro were the most informed, professional, and easy-to-work-with people I have ever dealt with in a matter such as this. Mr. Spalding was so thorough in his explanation of the loan process as well as patient with my questions. If I had not had him as my initial contact, I most likely would not have followed through with the loan process. I felt as if I had a friend in my corner looking out for me. Thank you, David Spalding."

The most non-stressful refinance process I have ever experienced

"I can't say enough about how satisfied my wife and I were with the whole process. It was the most non-stressful refinance process I have ever experienced. The loan officer and processor were excellent! Thank you, PennyMac. There was great communication between the loan officer and me during the entire process and any questions or concerns I had were quickly answered. It was quick, too! Very happy, truly outstanding."

Closed 20 days earlier than originally anticipated.

"I have no ideas to better serve me, but I would like to compliment Jimmy Yang, who provided excellent information and kept in touch with the proceedings. All the parties involved were excellent and we closed 20 days earlier than originally anticipated. This is the first time I have seen different departments within an organization actually work in conjunction and keep each other in the loop. Well done!"

Very patient and extremely helpful

"We were very happy and impressed with the quality of service provided to us. Our loan process had some glitches along the way and took longer than originally anticipated. All of the reps that we dealt with were very patient and extremely helpful. We would definitely recommend PennyMac to others. Thanks."

Very helpful and understood my needs

"I had my home loan with PennyMac already and was having problems with making my payments on time. When I would call PennyMac to discuss my loan and/or any options, the representatives were not real helpful. But, when I called about refinancing, Russ Litzenberger was very helpful and understood my needs. He explained the process in plain English. After hanging up the phone with him, I understood the process and what information I needed to complete the process. He was great and I will recommend him to everyone I know! If you get to read this survey Mr. Litzenberger, I want you to know you are wonderful and I appreciate all your time and efforts to reduce my monthly payment by $100 each month! Now I don't have to worry every time my payment is due that I won't have enough money to pay it! Thank you so much!!!"

Quick, simple, saved me a couple hundred dollars a month

"PennyMac initiated this rate reduction action on my existing mortgage. The process was quick, simple, saved me a couple hundred dollars a month, and cost me next to nothing out of pocket. Overall, the easiest refinance I've experienced (and I've experienced many!)"

By far the best service I have ever had

"This was by far the best service I have ever had with respect to refinancing. Normally speaking, it takes forever, and the two gentlemen I was in contact (loan officer and processor) with were fast, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Have told all my family and friends to use your service."

Loan refinancing was handled in an outstanding manner

"This loan refinancing was handled in an outstanding manner. I never expected it to go as fast and easy as it did. All the people that handled my loan were great. They made it a pleasure to go through. When I thought it was going to be a lot of trouble, it was completely opposite. Thank you all."

Helpful, pleasant, and very kind

"Carlos was very helpful, pleasant, and very kind person. He didn't mind answering questions or detailing out certain things I didn't understand. If all your officers are like this, you should have a wonderful team to work. Thank you very much."

I have already told 20+ friends how wonderful this experience was

"I have been bombarded with refinance solicitations. Your program was perfect for my needs, helped me through the process with extreme ease, and it is appreciated. I have already told 20+ friends how wonderful this experience was and how professional your team was. Thank you."

I couldn't be more pleased

"I couldn't be more pleased with PennyMac and service I received. Everyone I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, and very nice. In particular, I very much enjoyed working with Steve Greaney. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me in an easy-to-understand way. I felt completely informed, guided, and comfort with the whole process. I felt I could trust what he said. Any further questions I may have in the future, he will be the person I call. Thank you, Steve, for a great experience!"

Appreciated your professionalism, courtesy, and care for my needs

"Hi, Steve and Rachelle, I would like to say thank you to you both for your work on my home refinance. I really appreciated your professionalism, courtesy, and care for my needs. You both made it such an easy transition and I hope that I may get the chance to pass on your names to someone who may be looking for home financing in the future. Once again, thank you."

A breeze to work with

"PennyMac was a breeze to work with. Other vendors' processes seemed much more convoluted and frustrating as I examined what they had to offer. Thanks!"

It was a refreshing experience

"Excellent work overall. Kevin and Lisa were extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. They were honest and upfront about the process. It was a refreshing experience."

Wow, were we impressed

"Wow, were we impressed! Who knew that financing a home didn't have to be such a painful experience?"

Professionalism, courtesy, customer service, and attention to detail were remarkable.

"I received outstanding service and timely resolution of issues. Yuri Lebedev was particularly helpful throughout the process and should be commended. Ruzanna in Moorpark was thorough and timely in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. This was a complicated transaction with few hiccups or issues. When there were, they were promptly and efficiently resolved. Throughout, the level of professionalism, courtesy, customer service, and attention to detail were remarkable."

Making my life WONDERFUL

"I became a PennyMac customer with my original loan back in 2014 and I have had the BEST experience. I love being able to pay my mortgage online and the process of this refinance was so awesome, no stress at all. Kudos to the PennyMac staff, especially Lee Kieu and Clinton Martin for making my life WONDERFUL. Keep up the great work. Thanks a million!"

Extremely impressed with everyone that was involved in my refi

"I have to say that I was extremely impressed with everyone that was involved in my refi. The phone calls and the prompt responses to emails were an unexpected surprise to say the least. Also, a special note to my loan officer, who was aware of my situation and advised me upfront what to expect. If he had not done that in the very beginning, I do not know if I could have made it through the process as well as I did. Thank you!"

could not have asked for a better experience

"From my initial call to the signing of the papers, I could not have asked for a better experience. The loan officer assigned to me was fantastic. He was very thorough in explaining the process, what I could expect, and an approximate settlement date. I was then introduced to the loan processor. He, too, was exceptional. He stayed in contact with me, kept me updated, and ALWAYS asked if I had any questions or concerns that he could help with. We had a small glitch when it came time to settlement (no fault of the loan officer or loan processor or PennyMac in general). I called my loan processor and he was right on it. He called me back within minutes with a solution to the problem. This entire process could not have gone any smoother. I am extremely pleased with my experience with PennyMac and with my loan officer and loan processor in particular. They are both superb in their jobs!"

Kept us informed

"Ramsey Farah is the best loan officer I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He explained all of the loan options that were available to us and kept us informed on the status of our home loan. Dealing with this home loan officer makes the process less intimidating! Thank you, Ramsey Farah!"

I will definitely make PennyMac my first choice for a mortgage

"After having dealt with my credit union for the last 14 years, I was very skeptical about going through the mortgage loan process with anyone else. Of the three banks that I solicited through the Costco website, PennyMac was the only one that took the time to go through the complete loan application on the initial phone call. Rene was genial and thorough and offered me some options. The other 'banks' that I spoke to said that my loan couldn't be completed for one reason or another, which basically said they didn't even attempt to put in the work necessary to get the loan completed. Within the first 3 days of making contact with PennyMac, I knew that they would see it through to completion. Rene and Rose did an outstanding and thorough job, and handled me well. Ms. Patricia, the appraiser was prompt, thorough, professional, and very timely in completing the appraisal. Ms. Janet, the notary was very, very thorough, efficient, and professional as well. Overall, I am very impressed with PennyMac as a company. They have the mortgage process down to a science. They are efficiently organized and utilize the internet to expedite the process, which made it extremely convenient for me to fulfill my part of the process at my convenience. I will definitely make PennyMac my first choice for a mortgage and recommend them to family and friends."

I commend the staff for a great job done

"Hire more loan officers like Todd Bugbee and Mark. They are truly professional. PennyMac is very lucky to have such team workers. I would highly recommend friends to PennyMac. Keep up the good work. I commend the staff for a great job done."

Great experience--seamless

"All PennyMac agents were specific and accurate with all of the loan information to me. I would recommend you folks any time. Great experience--seamless."

They patiently explained and addressed my concerns

"I am very satisfied with the experience from the first phone call in January to the last email correspondence today. All interactions with PennyMac representatives were courteous and pleasant. The refinance process can be intimidating to somebody like myself who is not familiar with all terminology, etc. They patiently explained and addressed my concerns. It is sad to say that we cannot expect this level of service from all industries. I appreciate the professionalism and outstanding service."

An incredible process

"Brian made this an incredible process. He made refinancing a simple, clear, and comfortable experience. He is a unique talent in the financial industry and an asset to your business. As long as he is there, you will keep my family's business. Thank you for having people like this on your team."

Absolutely outstanding

"The service that was provided me was absolutely outstanding. Anything that I needed, anything that came up, any questions I had, all of that was answered and put to rest immediately. The timeframe that I was given was way longer than the actual time that it took for everything to be complete. The process was wonderful."

Provided just-in-time support and service

"It is with great pleasure that my wife and I would like to send kudos for a job well done to two outstanding professionals during this loan processing: Mr. Jarett DelBene and Ms. Aleida Estrada. They provided just-in-time support and service throughout this lengthy process. It is our hope that PennyMac will continue to maintain our mortgage loan through its entirety without the direct sell to another agency.'"

You guys are the best, and you were the best for me.

"I want to thank the young men that helped me with everything I needed to do. They took care of me as if I was their mother/grandmother. Smiles and many thanks to Jason and Charles--you guys are the best, and you were the best for me."

Everything was wonderful

"I never knew refinancing would have been this painless. I never had heard of PennyMac until my loan was sold to them in December 2013. I am very pleased with the whole process and have been telling my friends about the company. My only recommendation would have been to make different arrangements on closing funds after rescission. I closed on the loan on 1/22 and did not receive my check until 1/31 via mail. I would have preferred direct deposit. Other than that, everything was wonderful!"

The most efficient, prompt, and kind financial institution I've ever encountered.

"I wish I could complain, but PennyMac has been the most efficient, prompt, and kind financial institution I've ever encountered. For anyone needing to purchase a home, I highly recommend PennyMac."

Took the time to ensure everything was explained

"Ben Lipska was outstanding. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I had several questions regarding the loan/refinance process and he took the time to ensure everything was explained. My husband and I were very pleased with Ben's efficiency on the refinance and promptness on always contacting me back for follow up. Ben made the process very smooth and hassle free. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone as he was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you."

Truly an outstanding loan process

"Nothing, this was truly an outstanding loan process. When I first called about the refi, I was not sure whether I would proceed. After talking to Merrill Tapia for 5 minutes, I was in. She was not only friendly and knowledgeable about the process, but in addition she processed a rare sincerely truthful quality that is a little hard to explain. I just felt comfortable with her from the get go. I'm a retired Chief from the USAF and let me tell you, if you could clone her, PennyMac would be hard to beat. Please thank her for me. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Courtney, my loan processor. She was outstanding as well. Thank you."

Attentive to our needs, kept me informed, and were courteous in all respects

"Both the loan officer, Elliot Bloch, and the loan processor, Kristi Spangler, did an above excellent service to us. They were attentive to our needs, kept me informed, and were courteous in all respects. They were very professional in the performance of their job. They are assets to your organization. I would be happy for you to share my thoughts with these two people. Sometimes I was grumpy, but they were always courteous and patient. I want them to know through their management, that, overall, I was very pleased with how well they took care of us."

There at all times with answers and explanations

"Our loan officer was Ben Lipska. He was excellent to work with. I appreciate the work and time he put into helping with our loan. I had a lot of questions and sent many emails and he was there at all times with answers and explanations."

I just wish I'd call PennyMac earlier than I did

"I just wish I'd call PennyMac earlier than I did. I should have save more. But, to make our 12.5 year balance of mortgage go down to 10 years and from 7.5% to 3.6%, no one can beat that. The process was faster than I thought. Thanks a lot, PennyMac."

We are glad to have a relationship with PennyMac

"Your employee, Ms. Veronica Baldeo was exceptional in helping us in this process, and kept me informed on what was going on. She accepted my calls with no hesitation, and returned phone calls in a timely manner. My wife is a sceptic in some matters, as we had been informed of a lot of things on our initial loan that were not the same when we got to closing (which was not with PennyMac). Ms. Baldero made us feel comfortable throughout this process. She gave us exact figures, timelines were met, and what she told us came to pass. She was the reason that this process concluded in a positive manner for us. We are glad to have a relationship with PennyMac. Thanks very much, PennyMac."

It was a truly outstanding experience

"It was a truly outstanding experience to refinance my loan through PennyMac. Ed and Minh were very helpful and QUICK in addressing all of my questions or concerns. It was a completely different experience from getting my loan initially with a different lender. My documents would be lost, I would not get answers for weeks, and it was a disaster. PennyMac, on the other hand, is definitely a #1 option that I have already recommended to all my family and friends.'"

Went well above and beyond to ensure my refinance went smooth

"My loan officer, Jeremy Watts, went well above and beyond to ensure my refinance went smoothly and successfully. He went so far as to assist me on his day off from home. Now, THAT is dedication!"

They were so kind

"I had a wonderful experience with both Erich and Tim. Both were very friendly, kept me up to date and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with both of them. They were so kind. Every time I called with questions, they both had an answer and were forthcoming with information. They spelled out the process and the timeline in a way that was completely understandable for someone who had never been through the refi process."

People were knowledgeable and helpful

"Everybody that was involved was great. People were knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend PennyMac to others. Thank you."

It was fast, easy, and simple

"From the beginning to end of my IRRRL process, it was fast, easy, and simple. This is all thanks to the account executive and his team of professionals that took the time no matter where they were to help answer questions or quell concerns. Awesome service from awesome people that really care about customer service."

I couldn't have asked for an easier refinance process

"PennyMac really has been a great loan provider. They informed me of ways to save on my month payment, helped me through a refinance of my existing loan, and even expedited the process. In truth, I couldn't have asked for an easier refinance process. Thank you."

I would recommend PennyMac to anyone looking for a home loan or refi

"Carl Illum was friendly, knowledgeable. Made me feel at home talking to a friend. I would recommend PennyMac to anyone looking for a home loan or refi."

Thanks again for a seamless transition from one loan to this new one

"Susan Aowrang and Gina Merritt handled my loan application and the entire process fabulously. All my major concerns with refinancing were addressed and no question was left unanswered. The two young ladies, Ms. Kristan Deak and Ms. Lizzette Vargas (not sure if they're PennyMac employees) also handled their ends of the application process in an excellent manner. I was leery at first when my previous mortgage was transferred to PennyMac, but I've been extremely satisfied with their professionalism and with their handling of my specific concerns. Again, I couldn't have asked for more professional and courteous representation from PennyMac. All the ladies went the extra mile to ensure no stone was left unturned and I am very happy with my new refinanced loan. Thanks again for a seamless transition from one loan to this new one."

I had a wonderful experience refinancing with PennyMac

"I had a wonderful experience refinancing with PennyMac. It was so much easier than I expected. The length of time from start to finish was unbelievably short and sweet. My loan officer and processor were efficient, courteous, and all around nice people. I can't say there is anything I could say negatively about the whole process."

Everything went so fast

"We worked with Billy Manapat and he was exceptional. Honestly, he's the reason I considered moving forward with the process with PennyMac. He is very professional and friendly. I enjoyed working with him and will gladly recommend him and PennyMac to my circle of friends and family :) Everything went so fast-- I spoke to Shount Davoodian only a handful of times, he took over the processing of my loan from the first loan processor that was assigned and he was also very professional and friendly. Thank you to both Billy and Shount. Enjoyable experience (except for the many many pages of paper to sign). On a side note, the notary, Ruth Simon, who came to our house was also great to work with. Please consider her services in the future, as she was great."

I would recommend PennyMac for all your mortgage needs

"Cherisse Andry was such a pleasure to work with. She helped to make this process so easy and simple, with lots of laughter. From working at a financial institution that does mortgages, this had to be by far the best experience I have seen from a mortgage company. Things went smoothly, timelines were met and exceeded expectations. I signed in the documents in my own home, and the notary that came, was very punctual and efficient. I would recommend PennyMac for all your mortgage needs."