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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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Smooth, prompt, and respectful

"We had a wonderful experience. Everything was handled smoothly, promptly, and respectfully."

Her personality immediately made us feel comfortable

"Our loan officer was Amanda Perez. When my fiancé and I first spoke with Amanda, she was not only friendly and knowledgeable about the home loan process, but she possessed such a great personable quality that immediately made us feel comfortable with her. She went above and beyond to ensure everything was smooth and successful. We had a lot of questions and sent many emails throughout the process and she was always there to provide answers. I would highly recommend Amanda!"

Don't know how it could have been better

"Everything went smoothly; don't know how it could have been better."

This is the company that will help me with all my needs

"I am not a new member to PennyMac. I have always believed that this is the company that will help me with all my needs. The person who helped me with my new loan was very smart and knew how to talk to people. I was very pleased to have worked with them."

Keep doing what you're doing

"Please keep doing what you're doing. Everything throughout my whole process went smoothly and Ben Lipska was always on top of everything with calls and e-mails. Thank you so very much for all, and a BIG thank you to Ben!"

Smooth and easy process

"Thank you for a fairly smooth and easy process."

Professional and fun to work with

"Kingsley and Avonn were both very professional and fun to work with. They understood what questions we had and explained everything. Thank you again for making an easy refinance."

I am forever grateful

"Everyone from PennyMac that I had contact with treated me with a level of service and gratitude that I quite frankly, wasn't expecting. I had such an awesome experience. I am forever grateful."

Perfect experience

"Truly a perfect experience."

I will ALWAYS seek PennyMac for my mortgage/ loan needs

"I have had previous experience with PennyMac as my mortgage provider. Simply AMAZED at the level of service that is provided to me by PennyMac. I am completely sure that I will ALWAYS seek PennyMac for my mortgage/ loan needs in the future. David Acheronti was completely attentive and gentle with me during my difficult loan application process. He ALWAYS returned my calls and kept me from losing my head. I not only found that I was treated like family from the company, but I was also treated as family from the individual workers. I will continue to sing accolades for PennyMac and refer my family and friends to your mortgage company."

I am an advocate for PennyMac

"I would like to take this time personally to thank Mr.Ozzie Prado and Mr. Lucas Iraheta for their time and patience in walking us through the loan process. At times it was rough and frustrating on my part because of the process that I had been through with my former banking company. I was almost at the point of walking away from my house until talking with Mr. Lucas Iraheta from PennyMac. He assured me that he was here for the long haul and to help us stay in our home. He would call and email me any documents PennyMac needed as soon as they came across his desk and made sure that I stayed on track through the process. I started out with Loan Officers, and I gained two friends in the process. Now I am an advocate for PennyMac."

Easy and stress-free process

"Everyone that worked on my application was extremely helpful and courteous. The entire process was easy and relatively stress-free thanks to the expertise and service by those at PennyMac."

Went all out for me

"Ivor Samilton was a great help to me and he is an asset to your company. He went all out for me and I thank him for that greatly."

Very pleased with our interaction and loan process

"We are very pleased with our interaction and loan process with PennyMac. The two gentlemen who assisted us, Jason and Hai, were knowledgeable, professional, and made it an easy process. A couple minor glitches we had on our end were solved with quick responses from them."

Truly unbelievable service!

"Truly unbelievable service! Very honest and quick! I will definitely recommend. Calls were actually picked up in person by the loan processor after the second ring! Who actually picks up the phone anymore? Penny Mac does! Thank you Orlando for the easiest refinance ever!"

The originator, as well as the processor, exceeded my expectations

"The originator, as well as the processor, exceeded my expectations. Overall, the process was an excellent experience. I would like to offer particular praise, for Carles, the loan originator who is terrific at her job, and should be recognized as such."

The best experience I've ever had

"This was the best experience I've ever had refinancing any home. I highly recommend the team who handled my transaction. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with the way I was treated."

Smooth and professional

"Everything went very smoothly and professionally."

Quick, effective, and professional

"Every aspect of the refinance process was handled quickly, effectively, and professionally. The Loan Officers/Processors made this a very easy and understandable process."

Process was the fastest I have ever experienced

"I believe your process was the fastest I have ever experienced."

Our process was quick and professional

"Ryan Finkas was awesome. I have been through this process before, and he made it VERY simple. Our process was quick and we appreciated his quick turnaround time and professionalism."

I will continue to brag about PennyMac

"Everything was outstanding. The loan approval time frame surprised me, and I will continue to brag about PennyMac for years to come. Thank you PennyMac!"

Great job

"Great job, keep it up."

Everyone was outstanding

"Everyone at PennyMac was professional and was really helpful with the questions I had. They keep in mind the most convenient way to contact their customers. Everyone was outstanding. Thank you."

Employees are knowledgeable and professional

"Overall the experience was great. No complaints. Your employees are knowledgeable and professional. I especially appreciate the fact my loan will not be sold from PennyMac. Thanks."

Efficient Website

"I appreciate PennyMac's professionalism and its efficient website."

Continue your excellent customer service

"I'm very satisfied with my services and I would just say please continue your excellent customer service. Thank you."

PennyMac goes above and beyond

"I feel PennyMac goes above and beyond. They have great customer service and treat each individual like they mean something to the company."

Things went so smoothly

"Carolina was fantastic!!! She was patient with me and my employer while waiting for employment records and creating workarounds when the records were unavailable. I believe she is the reason things went so smoothly. Cal was very informative, told me just what to expect and kept me from having any hidden expenses."

Always left me with peace of mind

"All went as described and within the time frame told to me. All else moved along smoothly with absolutely no obstacles to overcome. If anything, I may have been, at times, a bit too inquisitive as it seems home refinance paperwork has become so much more involved than when we had purchased our last home in 1992. However, Becky and Maria were very patient with me and always left me with peace of mind, knowing my account was in good hands. I would recommend PennyMac to anyone who knows me."

Simple and professional

"The entire process, from discussing our needs and asking questions to the processing of signatures and documents was handled in a simple and professional manner. I want to thank Ric and Kenia for a wonderful experience!"

Never made me feel like I was asking a silly question

"Laura Ker and Orlando Cassara were incredible. I cannot say enough great things about how easy they made the whole process. They were always very professional and welcoming and never made me feel like I was asking a silly question. They answered my emails very quickly and when needed would call me to help better explain the process or help with any issues I was having. They are an asset to your company and far exceeded my expectations for customer service."

Made this such an easy VA Refi

"Aaron Baca was completely and totally helpful, explaining everything in detail. He gave me all the choices I asked for, answered all of my questions/concerns and made this such an easy VA Refi, I never thought it could be that easy."

Great follow through and communication

"The entire team that serviced me during the process performed outstanding. Great follow through and communication during the process!"

Up-front and honest

"I have had many loans in my lifetime but none were as easy as this one was and none were as simple as this one. My Loan Officer was friendly and thorough and most of all, she was up-front and honest every step of the way. She is a credit to PennyMac and you should use her as a role model for all your Loan Officers. Never once did she come back to me telling me she needed something else as all other loan officers have done in past loans, she told me exactly what I needed and the steps for me to take throughout the short process. And let me say, this was the fastest loan I have ever gotten and for that I say 'THANK YOU' and a great big 'THANK YOU' for the Loan Processor that I had, she is GREAT!"

Painless with no surprises

"I cannot think of anything that would improve the experience we had during this refinance. Your representatives were all polite and attentive. It was painless with no surprises. Thank you."


"Your guideline for a loan was outstanding. As a veteran, thank you for looking out for us."

No confusion throughout this process

"I would absolutely recommend PennyMac, solely based on my experience with Shannon Bennett. Shannon was very friendly and it made our asking questions very easy. She explained everything clearly and efficiently, also updating frequently without bothering. We were left with no confusion throughout this process. I would recommend PennyMac to my friends/family, especially if I found she would be the one to assist."

Less stressed than I have ever been while financing my house

"Ed Vandervelde was upfront and forthright with all the information I asked for. Vanessa Duronslet did an amazing job in processing and keeping me in the loop about my loan. It's finance, there are always going to be hiccups along the way, I was less stressed than I have ever been while financing my house, thanks guys."

Exceeded my expectations

"This entire process exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a job well done!"

Everyone was more than helpful

"I have no complaints. From the moment I called I felt more than glad I chose this option. With my previous lender I was always shoved to this person and had to explain things over and over and getting nowhere except frustrated. Everyone was more than helpful that I talked with."

Absolutely fantastic

"This process was absolutely fantastic. My loan officer was so wonderful from the very first call! Very personable and very professional. Orlando kept me up to date with EVERYTHING that was happening. Gave me options. When we had to make a last-minute change, he was understanding and quick to get all of the paperwork back to me to sign and we actually closed a day earlier than he had originally anticipated even with that wrench thrown in there. Both Hector and Orlando were very knowledgeable and so wonderful to deal with. I have given their information as recommendations for a couple different people. I hope they have a great experience, just as I have."

5-star customer service

"We worked with Avo and Vera, both are amazing and great assets to your company. Our closing had its difficulties; with our real estate agent not being the best, us being first time home buyers, and our property being very rural. Both Avo and Vera did everything they could to keep us informed and comfortable through the complete process! I really want to say thank you to them for all the hard work that was put in. We received 5-star customer service even when I was feeling overwhelmed and 'crabby'. They are both true professionals and very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the service from PennyMac."

There's nothing you can do better

"There's nothing you can do better. Everyone was so wonderful during what was supposed to be a stressful loan refinance. We fought with your competitor for over five years to refinance but to no avail. PennyMac was able to get the process started within 24 hours of obtaining our loan from the competitor."

I have nothing but good things to say PennyMac

"I've only gone through the process for this type and size of loan twice. Of the two processes, my experience with PennyMac was by far superior in every way. My wife, Catherine, initiated things and she was well satisfied with Billy Manapat, the person assisting her at the beginning. After that initial contact, I handled most of the correspondence and phone calls. I didn't really think we needed a refinance, but Catherine did, so I went along with it. Since then, I've actually been meaning to write a letter to PennyMac detailing my happiness with your company in general and Chris Brooks specifically. As a customer, it's necessary to be cautious, so I didn't take any of Chris' comments at face value. I always checked into them during the course of the loan process. In every case, I found the information he gave me to be accurate, sometimes even explaining things that I had not understood about our previous mortgage or mortgages in general. Chris always responded quickly, sometimes within minutes of my calls or emails. In every case, he was calm, friendly, and efficient. A couple of times, he needed to find answers. At no time was he ruffled by such a question, but merely said he'd look into the question and, having found the answer, called or emailed me quickly with the information. I would gladly suggest ways to improve your operation if I could think of any. I have nothing but good things to say PennyMac and I will gladly express that opinion to anyone. Great job!"

Very helpful and knowledgeable

"Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable upfront. I truly enjoyed working with Albert, he kept me informed and was personable. The loan went fast, but, still, when I got antsy about how long the appraisal was taking, he responded quickly to my email with a reassuring phone call and updated me promptly."

I would highly recommend my relatives and friends

"I was impressed by the whole process from initiation to completion. The representative answered all my questions and guided me through the whole process. It was so easy and stress free. I would highly recommend my relatives and friends to PennyMac for their mortgage and refinancing needs."

Our house payment went down over $450

"The whole process was amazing. Never have I had a home loan go so smoothly. Everyone was awesome at answering my questions and helping with everything. I have recommended you to many of my friends who are looking to refinance. I have to say this was an awesome experience and one that I am so grateful for. Our house payment went down over $450! Thank you, again."

I wish all my business transactions could be with someone as great

"I had the pleasure to work with two individuals. Terrell Jean took my initial application and was extremely pleasant and personable. He never hesitated when I had questions. Ms. Cherisse Andry followed through with processing my loan. She is THE BEST customer service agent that I have EVER dealt with. The majority of the loan process occurred via email and she was in constant contact with me. I never sat wondering what was going on with my loan. She was ALWAYS pleasant and just a phone call away whenever I needed to speak with her. PennyMac should know that they definitely have a WINNER when it comes to Ms. Andry. I wish all my business transactions could be with someone as great as she is! Thank you to Cherisse for making me feel comfortable and confident during this whole process."

This refinance was a blessing financially for my family

"I can't say enough about Yuri Lebedev. He is truly a shining star. He answered every question I had, answered the phone every time I called him (even after hours), and was very patient. He explained everything to me to where I could understand it. This refinance was a blessing financially for my family and I can't thank everyone involved enough. I will highly recommend PennyMac and Yuri to everyone I know."