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Providing unparalleled service to our customers is one of our highest priorities. After each loan closes, we ask our customers how we did and how we might be able to serve them better. Below you will see some of the responses we’ve gotten from real PennyMac customers.

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I hope to do business again

"To all PennyMac employees who I worked with, thanks to all of you. You were well coordinated, professional and truly impressive with your expertise. Thanks for the refinance opportunity and I hope to do business again."

Highly dependable and very knowledgeable

"Very helpful, highly dependable and very knowledgeable."

Evan Tuchman was amazing to work with

"Evan Tuchman was amazing to work with. He was very professional and explained everything to me completely. He was the reason I stayed with PennyMac to do my refi."

They were truly awesome

"Both Ellie and Laura were great to work with. They were pleasant to deal with and helped me get my house closed when needed. I didn't think it would all come together in time, but they said it would, and it did. They were truly awesome. I am a General Manager of a 60 million dollar distribution company in 4 states and I would hire both of them for my office staff. They were awesome!"

The follow up and follow through was the best I have ever had

"The process was handled extremely well and I thank you for the professionalism of the staff involved. The follow up and follow through was the best I have ever had in a mortgage process. Christopher Brooks did as excellent job!"

So pleased with the entire process

"So pleased with the entire process! We had to leave the state for a funeral when it was time for closing and they sent someone to us! Impressive!"

Seamless and stress free process

"Laura Ker was wonderful to work with. She kept me updated and informed every step of the way. She made this process seamless and stress free."

Pain free experience

"The people I worked with were wonderful. All of my questions and concerns were handled fast and to my liking. They made the experience a pain free one. I will tell everyone I know about Penny Mac. You guys are amazing. Thanks so much."

I have already passed along PennyMac's contact information

"Gabriel was wonderful to deal with. He was extremely courteous and he took the time to answer every question I had thoughtfully and completely. He never made me feel pressured and was able to work at a pace that made me very comfortable. I have already passed PennyMac's contact info along to friends who are in the market for a new loan."

Everyone was professional and helpful

"I braced myself for an extremely stressful experience refinancing and had actually been putting it off for that reason. But I finally did and was pleasantly surprised at how painless the whole experience was this time. Everyone was professional and helpful and it really didn't take a lot of time and effort on my part."

We didn't look at other companies to refinance with

"Cal was amazing! He made the process very easy and communicated well the whole time. We've appreciated how easy PennyMac is to work with so much so that we didn't look at any other company to refinance with."

PennyMac cares

"The loan officer showed concern and was very knowledgeable. It means the world to a customer to know that a company cares."

Thank you for bringing a re-fi to us

"I want to thank PennyMac for bringing a re-fi to us, with a smaller APR and a bit smaller payment. Being on a fixed income, this will help us out. Also, we enjoyed all the people that were involved in our re-fi. They were all very helpful, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun to talk to."

I would recommend PennyMac to anyone who is looking for a mortgage

"I would recommend PennyMac to anyone who is looking for a mortgage. They have a very knowledgeable staff and exceeded all my expectations with my refinance."

Well Done

"Thank you to all the professional staff that handled my case. I'm sure I talked to only a few of them, but I want to express my gratitude to all, for making this so easy. In the military when a task is completed, we say “Well done.” To the PennyMac team, Well Done."

Very pleasant and wonderful to work with

"Russell Litzenberger was very pleasant and wonderful to work with. He addressed all of my concerns timely and professional made me feel at comfortable with the process. Reine Yangson was very pleasant and kept us informed thought the process."

This experience was very pleasing

"I did not know what refinancing a home involved, but Elizabeth Ravelo and Steven Vargas made this experience very pleasing for me. They answered all my questions and concerns, and went the extra mile to make sure I was completely satisfied before proceeding with each step of the process."

Responded to all of my questions, negotiated a fantastic deal, and closed loan quickly

"Luis is the best Loan Professional that I have ever worked with. I have been working with Luis since 2007. He quickly responded to all of my questions, negotiated a fantastic deal and was able to quickly close the loan. Luis was there for me every step of the way! I would highly recommend him for all your Real Estate & Loan needs. I will definitely plan on working with him again in the future. Thank you Luis for my beautiful home!"

Kind, appropriate and knowledgeable

"Everyone at PennyMac has been kind, appropriate and knowledgeable. A very smooth and seamless process! Thank to everyone who was part of this process!"

It was a very smooth process

"The loan officer and the loan process that helped me with my loan were great and kept me very well informed. It was a very smooth process."

Informative, knowledgeable and pleasant

"PennyMac Mortgage team - you are great to work with! Informative, knowledgeable and pleasant! Thank you."

I would use PennyMac again in a heartbeat

"This process was the easiest, most comprehensive and fastest turn around on a mortgage refinance that I have ever had. I would use PennyMac again in a heartbeat."

I couldn't be happier with the service provided

"I couldn't be happier with the service provided by all who worked on my refinance loan. My loan processor Jeremy Watts was extremely helpful and made me feel at ease. The process was easy and went very smoothly. I would recommend PennyMac in a heartbeat!"

I appreciate all the time that Jorge spent on the phone with me

"I really appreciated all the time that Jorge spent on the phone with me. He broke down the loans and answered all of my questions until I fully understood them."

Fastest and easiest refinance I've ever been through

"The entire process was the fastest, easiest refinance I've ever been through and all who helped make it happen were outstanding!"

This was the easiest, quickest and most professional process

"I've been through many purchases and refinance of homes. This was the easiest, quickest and most professional process out of them all. I would highly recommend PennyMac to anyone who wants to purchase or refi. Thank you."

PennyMac made me a part of the process

"PennyMac made me a part of the process instead of afraid of it. Not only do I feel like they were there to help, but I also learned what to do in future transactions to make the process as smooth as possible."

Helpful, courteous and knowledgeable throughout the entire process

"It was great working with Lisa Standifer. She was very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure working with the PennyMac team."

PennyMac is a company that is easy to work with

"PennyMac is a company that is easy to work with and their employees are courteous and knowledgeable"

I will be able to pay my mortgage off before I retire

"They were professional, helpful, and answered every question I had. I was very happy with my low rate and was able to reduce the years on my mortgage. Now I will be able to pay it off before I retire."

I have recommended PennyMac to friends

"I have recommended PennyMac to friends as the whole experience was handled quickly and professionally."

Easy and convenient

"I'm not too computer savvy, but your professionals were very helpful. Thanks so much for making our loan process easy and convenient. We appreciate your help."

Terrell was outstanding

"Terrell was outstanding. He did exactly what he said he would do, which is very rare these days. He answered any and all questions promptly either via email or phone."

Best experience I have ever had

"This was by far the best experience I have ever had."

We are glad we refinanced

"We were surprised at how smoothly it went. We are glad we refinanced. Thank you!"

Your competition is decades behind

"Very professional telephone support! PennyMac's process is fast, accurate and easy to use. But most of all, the employee I worked with was knowledgeable, professional, listened and always followed up in a timely manner. Your competition is decades behind."

The process was painless

"I am very impressed with the customer service provided to me from both the loan processor and loan officer. They both responded very quickly to all of my needs. The process was painless. Thank you very much."

The PennyMac team did a great job

"The PennyMac team did a great job. The loan process was simpler than I thought and took much less time."

PennyMac was fantastic!

"I think PennyMac was fantastic! I'm very pleased to be a customer and thank you for everyone's effort."

No nonsense and down to earth attitude

"I really appreciated the no-nonsense, yet down to earth attitude of all the people who helped me with my loan. From the beginning to the end even down to the notary, everyone was kind and professional."

I have nothing but praise for PennyMac

"I have nothing but praise for the people I worked with at PennyMac. Jason was very helpful in all areas of my refi. This is the third refi I have done with PennyMac, and they have always been up front at each step in the process. Thanks again!"

I am exceptionally satisfied

"I am exceptionally satisfied with being a customer with PennyMac."

He made everything stress free

"Orlando Cassara was extremely helpful and professional throughout our refinance process. He made everything stress free and I was very confident that we were in good hands. Thank you, Orlando!"

Great customer service

"Great customer service! Keep up the good work."

Extremely professional and friendly

"Very easy and the personnel handling my loan were extremely professional and friendly."

Courteous and knowledgeable professionals

"My experience was extremely pleasant and informative. They were all courteous and knowledgeable professionals. Job well done!"

Appreciate the constant communication and professionalism

"My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the process. I have been an underwriter for over 15 years and my wife used to be a processor. We know how lengthy and difficult refinancing can be. We truly appreciate the constant communication, the professionalism they showed at all times and overall how quickly we could sign. We know streamlines are considered easy loans; however, they made it even easier. Keep up the good job."

Fastest and easiest refi

"This was by far the fastest and easiest refi I have ever done!"

It was like doing business with an old friend

"Billy and his Team were great! It was like doing business with an old friend!"

My interaction with the PennyMac staff was very positive

"My interaction with the loan officer and PennyMac staff was very positive. The online app process worked really well and was very convenient."