My account FAQs

How can I change my password?
You can change your password for access to your online account at any time once you have logged into your account. To change your password, visit Account Settings on this website and select the Password option from the list. From there, you can change your password, which will be effective the next time you log in.
How can I get a copy of my loan documents?
You can visit the Statements & Documents section of the website. From here, you will find documents such as your Monthly Statement or year-end tax statements. Also, you may request and view loan documents such as your Note, Mortgage/Deed of Trust or Appraisal. If the document you are looking for is not available for view, you may request a document on the form provided or you may send us a secure message using the Message Center.
How can I request a payoff statement?
You may call PennyMac to request a payoff demand through our automated phone service in a few quick and easy steps. Your payoff demand will be faxed directly to you. If your loan has any special requirements you will be notified at that time and a manual payoff demand will be processed for you.
How can I send correspondence or provide feedback to PennyMac about my customer experience?
PennyMac welcomes your feedback! You can send correspondence, ask questions, or raise concerns or complaints by clicking on the secure Message Center link in the left navigation tool bar: Create a copy (PDF format preferred) if you need to send us documents. Visit the secure Message Center of your online account. Compose and send a message with any documents you wish to send us as an attachment. If you do not already have a PennyMac account, please visit the Contact Us section of the PennyMac website.
How do I add other loans that I have with PennyMac to my login account?
You can add additional loans that you have with PennyMac to your login account. To do this, visit Account settings and select the option for Loans. You will then see a list of your current loans, a list of recommended loans that may be eligible to add to your account, and a request form to add other additional loans. Once you select an option, you will need to answer a short series of questions to confirm you are an authorized party of that loan. Once complete, the loan will be included in your profile and you will have access to the loan and all associated features.
How do I authorize someone other than me to discuss my loan information?
If you would like to authorize someone to be able to make payments and/or receive full access to your account information, please follow these steps: Create a copy (PDF format preferred) of your signed written authorization request. Visit the secure Message Center of your online account. Compose and send a message with the authorization request as an attachment.
How do I order a Verification of Mortgage (VOM)?
You may contact PennyMac through the secure Message Center for these requests: Create a copy (PDF format preferred) of your written Verification of Mortgage request. If you wish to request a third-party authorization, please attach a signed, written request in the message to that effect. Visit the secure Message Center. Compose and send a message with the appropriate document(s) as an attachment.
How do I update my mailing address?
You should notify PennyMac right away if your mailing address changes. You can update your mailing address by visiting the Account Settings of your online account and selecting Contact Information. Note that changing the mailing address will affect where we send your Monthly Billing Statement and other important information that must be mailed to borrowers on the loan.
How will I know the text message with my code is really coming from PennyMac?
All of our text alerts will tell you they are from PennyMac. If you ever suspect that you received a text message that is not from us, please immediately call our customer service department.
If my loan is current, why am I being charged for fees?
Bankruptcy fees are incurred even if the loan is current as PennyMac may need to retain local attorneys to participate in bankruptcy proceedings and protect PennyMac's interest in the loan and the property.
Loan Information and Access
Rest assured knowing that you have 24/7 access to your loan information from your phone, tablet or PC on our website at Since mail may be disrupted in your neighborhood from a disaster, the website is helpful for several things: Access your Monthly Statement - At "Statements and Documents" you can access your monthly statement. Make a One-Time Payment - You can make a payment online in 3 easy steps. If you haven't scheduled a payment with us before, please have your bank routing number and checking or savings account handy. Need Help? - Let us know how we can help you by sending us a message in the secure Message Center.
My social security number is incorrect in your system. How can I get it updated?
You will need to send us proof of your correct social security number. Please follow the steps below: Create or locate a copy (PDF format preferred) of your social security document. Visit the secure Message Center. Compose and send a message with your social security document as an attachment.
What is Two-Step Verification?
Two-Step verification is an additional security feature for your account that is designed to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing or using your account, even if they know your password. It requires you to verify your identity using one of your specified methods before logging in.
What should I do if I have a name change?
In order to update our records to reflect your recent name change, the following information is required: Create a legible copy (PDF format preferred) of your Driver's License or State photo identification. Create a copy (PDF format preferred) of a legal document such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or name change affidavit, reflecting the reason for the name change. Create a copy (PDF format preferred) of your updated homeowner's policy, reflecting the name change. Visit the secure Message Center. Compose and send a message with the appropriate documents as an attachment.
Why will PennyPaperless Statements make managing my account easier?
PennyMac offers the convenience of paperless statements to simplify managing your mortgage. Get notified as soon as your statement is ready and have 24/7 access to everything online. Electronic statements provide easy access whether you need to view, print or download. You can even set up a text or email automatic payment reminder on the date you choose to stay on track. Log in and select "Account Settings" then "Paperless Preferences" and "Online Only" to get started. You can always switch back if you miss the paper.