PennyMac for iPhone Gets Rate Alerts, Product Descriptions, and Expanded Product Set

  • Posted by Jeremy Bachmann
  • 01/24/2014
 PennyMac for iPhone Gets Rate Alerts, Product Descriptions, and Expanded Product Set

Today, PennyMac for iPhone gets a number of significant enhancements to let you receive rate-change alerts, view in-depth product descriptions and benefits, and obtain rates for even more products.

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Receive Rate Alerts

Many PennyMac customers and prospects have a target rate they must hit to receive a benefit from refinancing or to qualify for a loan. Now, you can set a target rate in your profile and receive notifications on your iPhone when our rates hit your target. From there, you can click one button to reach a PennyMac loan officer to get started.

Rate alerts are saved in a pull-out drawer on the right-hand side of the application. Each alert is time-stamped with the time of the particular rate quote.


Expanded Product Set

On some mortgage applications, customers with larger loans mistakenly receive jumbo quotes, showing higher rates than the customer is likely to pay. PennyMac for iPhone shows rates by county, allowing us to show more accurate conforming high-balance quotes for customers. We also allow customers to enter loan amounts higher than their home value, so they can see possible HARP loan quotes (and call our loan officers for more information about qualifying).

Enhanced Product Descriptions

Along with this expanded product set, you can now tap on a product in the My Rates tab to display a product description, including features and benefits.


Other Improvements

We've created a new tabbed user interface to give you an overview of PennyMac for iPhone's main content. Also, you now can save PennyMac's sales and servicing contact information into your iPhone address book, so sales or customer service help is always at your fingertips.

You can download the application onto your iPhone here or by opening the AppStore from your iPhone and typing "pennymac" in the search bar.