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They were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly

Who would have thought refinancing a home loan would be an enjoyable experience? That's exactly what I discovered when working with the PennyMac team from Moorpark. They did a great job with keeping me informed and how to use the online tools. They were knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

Roger F.
Murrieta, CA
February 2,2016

Friendly service

Friendly service! This was my first home purchase and everything went much smoother than I expected. Bravo!

Peter W.
Thousand Oaks, CA
February 1,2016

Very pleasant and easy process

I really appreciated Clayton's knowledge and hard work. He made the process very pleasant and easy.

Margaret S.
Marthasville, MO
February 1,2016

I would absolutely use PennyMac company again

If I had to do this again, I would absolutely use PennyMac. It was fast and easy because of the loan officers.

Michael M.
Royal Palm Beach, FL
February 1,2016

PennyMac came through

Terrence Smith quickly responded to problems with documentation, and explained the loan process. The loan granting process is obviously a complex process, and by and large PennyMac came through and made the process almost painless.

Steven J.
Salinas, CA
January 14,2016

Smooth and very fast

Kenton was great! Explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. The whole process was smooth and very fast.Really great job guys!

Jeff R.
Rancho Cordova, CA
January 12,2016

PennyMac took care of everything

I can't think of a way to have been better served. The process was very easy. PennyMac took care of everything.

Kimberly S.
Unionville, TN
January 6,2016

The process was seamless and painless

Seamless and painless experience I came in to the process of refinancing my home with no idea what it would entail. I called my current loan company, PennyMac, and within an hour, the account executive I was speaking with had determined my needs and goals, taken all of the necessary information, and walked me through all of the steps that would occur between then and closing on my new loan. The steps were followed precisely, and I closed on my new loan less than two months later. Almost everything was done electronically, and the closing documents were brought to my house for signature. In a nutshell, it was a seamless and painless experience and I highly recommend PennyMac.

Miranda F.
Casselberry, FL
January 6,2016

Everyone was very professional

As my loan process started, I was contacted by the processor, Rene Silva. From the first phone call up until a confirmation email, this person made sure that I was totally up to date with each step along the way. Once I was informed of my closing and given a day and time for my closing, I knew I was on my way. The closer arrived on time and was very professional. In closing, I feel that all of the professionals that I dealt with on an individual level were VERY PROFESSIONAL....thank you all!

Thomas D.
Canton, OH
January 5,2016

A pleasure to work with

Both Diego Tolentino and Lynn Tinson were a pleasure to work with. Any questions were followed immediately and in terms I could understand. The process took a little longer than I expected, but I believe the reason was to look after both of our interests. They both deserve a big raise or at least a giant bonus.

Thomas A.
Souix Falls, MA
January 4,2016

Everyone involved was outstanding

Everyone involved was outstanding. I will always appreciate everything they did. Thank you all. And thanks PennyMac.

Michael O.
Norfolk, VA
January 4,2016

Everything ran quickly and smoothly

Everything ran quickly and smoothly. I was amazed at how quickly my questions were answered and how fast the loan was processed.

Patrick M.
Newark, DE
January 4,2016

Able to close our loan in 31 days even over a major holiday

I wanted to say that David Acheronti, Sandra Rosales, and Marie Saenz as they did an outstanding job of taking care of me, answering all of my questions (and there were a lot as a first-time home buyer), and updating me on the status of my loan. We were able to close our loan in 31 days even over a major holiday.

Carlos S.
Miami, FL
January 4,2016

Exceeded all my expectations

My experience with my home refinance exceeded all my expectations. In the past my experience with "big time" banks made me hesitate to go through the agony again. But PennyMac refinancing was efficient, easy and the closing was quicker than I could ever anticipate. The customer service was extraordinary, once again, beyond any of my expectations.

Maria P.
Branford, CN
January 4,2016

Told me I would close on or before a certain date, and I did!

Kristen Mooney and Leslie Eslick were terrific. They told me I would close on or before a certain date, and I did! They were very thorough with the entire process and made the experience less stressful for me – a first time home owner.

Michael S.
Normandy Park, WA
January 4,2016

I would recommend PennyMac to a friend

I was provided a GFE earlier in the process and I had a good experience. I'm very happy to have closed on time, and during the holidays was truly appreciated! I would recommend PennyMac to a friend.

Eugenia G.
Doraville, NJ
January 4,2016

Process was outstanding and service excellent

Great process! I know the mortgage process is very difficult and time consuming, and many individuals are involved. This is to be expected. That being said, the process was outstanding and service excellent.

Ernie A.
Victorville, WA
January 4,2016

Approachable and such a pleasure to speak with

I appreciate that Albert was assigned to my loan process in order to keep required actions and information on schedule. He was so approachable and such a pleasure to speak with. Thanks Albert!

Veronica G.
Denver, CO
January 4,2016

Thankful to have PennyMac service my home loan

I was very pleased with my experience with PennyMac and am thankful to have them service my home loan. Everyone handled the process in a timely manner and made it as easy as possible. Thank you to all of the employees that helped me, especially Orlando.

Francis C.
Plainfield, CA
January 4,2016

Kept me informed

The service I received was excellent! Jimmy was great and my processor with the help of Tonya. She stayed on top of my file and kept me informed. Thanks again for you all your hard work.

Philip W.
Covina, VA
January 4,2016

Flawless, smooth, and stress free

The entire process was flawless, smooth, and stress free.

Kimberly M.
Lexington, SC
January 4,2016

Truly outstanding

This survey was not just a "Truly Outstanding" answer for every question. Nathan Riedel and Carlos Robles were "Truly Outstanding" to work with. They both always promptly returned calls, and were always very easy to get ahold of to answer any confusion I had over this loan process. I would recommend PennyMac to my closest friends and relatives without hesitation.

Peter M.
Scappoose, WA
January 4,2016

Restored my confidence in PennyMac

My Loan Officer is the ultimate professional who followed up with me and kept the process going even at the end when everything almost fell apart. By this single action, he was able to restore my confidence in PennyMac, and I was able to close without any additional issues.

Obie C.
Victorville, CA
January 4,2016

Very helpful and informative

Everybody was very helpful and informative. They explained everything and even gave me some credits on my refi! Thanks for everything!

Gilmer M.
Compton, CA
January 4,2016

Really satisfied

Mr. Kingsley was very professional at all times and very, very helpful with us. I’m really satisfied with his services. Thank you.

Yerani L.
Miami Gardens, GE
December 9,2015

Now I know why they recommended you

Everybody that was involved in my loan exceeded my expectations. From Jennifer Menchaca, who answered my call on a weekend even when she was out of town. Nonetheless, she called me back and put my question to ease. To Angelica Ortiz, who was always there to answer my questions and always returned my calls promptly. Allow me to take this minute and thank you all for your help, friendly service, and above all, your willingness to explain in detail about our needs and doubts. Costco recommended your company, and before that I had never heard of PennyMac. Now I know why they recommended you. Thank You PennyMac for having so outstanding staff.

Jose O.
Chula Vista, CA
December 4,2015

Excellent customer service

All went well! Excellent customer service, Susan was outstanding.

Giselle Z.
Twin Lakes, CO
December 3,2015

Very patient with me

Arthur Tate and Phyllis Jackson were wonderful. They were very patient with me, answered all my questions, and kept me well informed of everything going on.

Tanya S.
Hattiesburg, NJ
December 2,2015

The customer service was phenomenal

The account executive that I worked with went above and beyond my expectations, was always courteous and helpful, seemed very knowledgeable, and, if he did not know the answer to a question, was very prompt in finding the answer and getting back to me. The loan processor was also very helpful in assisting me in getting the loan approved, but there was a bit of a language barrier due, in part, to difficulty hearing on my part. My overall experience with this refinance process was excellent right down to the notary that came to my home. I learned a lot during this process and I truly appreciate those that not only took the time to explain things to me, but also were pleasant in doing so. The customer service was phenomenal.

Barbara P.
Grand Rapids, MI
December 2,2015

The process felt personal

The process felt personal, I was surprised with the personal attention and interest in helping me with this refinance.

Steven B.
Salem, MI
December 2,2015

All went very smoothly

All went very smoothly. And I thank all involved with the process.

Brian A.
Falls Church, D.C.
December 1,2015

I was well informed by the PennyMac staff

Throughout the process I feel I was well informed by the PennyMac staff. Everyone seems truly concerned with helping me save money and explained the process extremely well!

John H.
Wilmington, MA
December 1,2015

Most enjoyable home financing experience ever

I was completely satisfied with the entire process. Mr. Aubray Breaux and Ms. Marsha Jerricks were outstanding. They kept me informed of everything that was going on and answered all of my calls very promptly. This has been my most enjoyable home financing experience ever.

Gary M.
Spanaway, WA
December 1,2015

Very professional during the entire process

Aaron McNeer and Leo Jordan were very professional during the entire process.

Ricardo M.
Clermont, FL
December 1,2015

PennyMac should be proud

Tony Tsiligian was the best loan officer I have ever dealt with. He took time to answer my questions, helped me through each step of the process, and was very kind and polite. I would recommend him to anyone. PennyMac should be proud to have him on their team. Rita Kahtchadourian was very polite and expedited my loan in a timely matter. She was very precise and helpful throughout the whole process. She is truly an asset to PennyMac.

Timothy P.
Stockton, GE
December 1,2015

Kept us updated

Special thanks to Billy Manapat who went beyond the call of duty to keep us updated regarding our loan progress. His demeanor and professionalism were outstanding.

Daniel B.
Coral Springs, CA
December 1,2015

I have recommended PennyMac to my friends and family

The responsiveness and helpfulness of both Carl and Dennis was exceptional. I would highly recommend (and in fact I have recommended) PennyMac to my friends and family.

Julie O.
Atlanta, GE
December 1,2015

I never imagined closing a loan that easily

Becky and Lisa (and there were others but cannot recall their names) were honestly a pleasure to deal with and on top of everything. I couldn’t have imagined it being that easy. I’m sorry I didn't refinance last year. Thanks very much!

Matthew H.
White Salmon, OR
December 1,2015

Truly blessed having them help me get my loan

Orlando Cassara and Carlos Robles were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the loan process. I was truly blessed having them help me get my loan.

Haydee G.
Laredo, TX
December 1,2015

Smooth, prompt, and respectful

We had a wonderful experience. Everything was handled smoothly, promptly, and respectfully.

John P.
Centerville, D.C.
November 17,2015

Don’t know how it could have been better

Everything went smoothly; don't know how it could have been better.

Spruel N.
Blairsville, CA
November 9,2015

Her personality immediately made us feel comfortable

Our loan officer was Amanda Perez. When my fiancé and I first spoke with Amanda, she was not only friendly and knowledgeable about the home loan process, but she possessed such a great personable quality that immediately made us feel comfortable with her. She went above and beyond to ensure everything was smooth and successful. We had a lot of questions and sent many emails throughout the process and she was always there to provide answers. I would highly recommend Amanda!

Dana P.
November 9,2015

This is the company that will help me with all my needs

I am not a new member to PennyMac. I have always believed that this is the company that will help me with all my needs. The person who helped me with my new loan was very smart and knew how to talk to people. I was very pleased to have worked with them.

Levirt Q.
Tucson, AZ
November 7,2015

Keep doing what you’re doing

Please keep doing what you’re doing. Everything throughout my whole process went smoothly and Ben Lipska was always on top of everything with calls and e-mails. Thank you so very much for all, and a BIG thank you to Ben!

Esperanza P.
Las Vegas, NV
November 6,2015

Smooth and easy process

Thank you for a fairly smooth and easy process.

James W.
Fort Collins, NJ
November 5,2015

Professional and fun to work with

Kingsley and Avonn were both very professional and fun to work with. They understood what questions we had and explained everything. Thank you again for making an easy refinance.

Seth P.
Aurora, CO
November 5,2015

I am forever grateful

Everyone from PennyMac that I had contact with treated me with a level of service and gratitude that I quite frankly, wasn't expecting. I had such an awesome experience. I am forever grateful.

Christopher B.
Orlando, NJ
November 5,2015

I will ALWAYS seek PennyMac for my mortgage/ loan needs

I have had previous experience with PennyMac as my mortgage provider. Simply AMAZED at the level of service that is provided to me by PennyMac. I am completely sure that I will ALWAYS seek PennyMac for my mortgage/ loan needs in the future. David Acheronti was completely attentive and gentle with me during my difficult loan application process. He ALWAYS returned my calls and kept me from losing my head. I not only found that I was treated like family from the company, but I was also treated as family from the individual workers. I will continue to sing accolades for PennyMac and refer my family and friends to your mortgage company.

Karen C.
Staunton, VA
November 4,2015

Perfect experience

Truly a perfect experience.

Donald G.
Alexandria, NJ
November 4,2015

Easy and stress-free process

Everyone that worked on my application was extremely helpful and courteous. The entire process was easy and relatively stress-free thanks to the expertise and service by those at PennyMac.

Kyle T.
College Station, TX
November 3,2015

I am an advocate for PennyMac

I would like to take this time personally to thank Mr.Ozzie Prado and Mr. Lucas Iraheta for their time and patience in walking us through the loan process. At times it was rough and frustrating on my part because of the process that I had been through with my former banking company. I was almost at the point of walking away from my house until talking with Mr. Lucas Iraheta from PennyMac. He assured me that he was here for the long haul and to help us stay in our home. He would call and email me any documents PennyMac needed as soon as they came across his desk and made sure that I stayed on track through the process. I started out with Loan Officers, and I gained two friends in the process. Now I am an advocate for PennyMac.

Marvin D.
Oxon Hill, NY
November 3,2015